Arnold Watson

Proficient Web Designer
Proficient Web Designer

Need a website designed of any type or style? You have the right man for the job! I can come up with creative designs to suit all of your needs and wants. Just tell me a few bullet points regarding the style that you prefer and the audience that you want to cater to and leave the rest to me. The results will simply astonish you!



Bachelors in Web Design and Development @ Waselter Institute
Mar 2013 — Dec 2014

I have completed this degree with distinction in 2011. By the last semester, I had designed around 50 websites from scratch both as a hobby and as part of our ongoing projects. Certain highlights include being the design head that completely reworked our Institute's website in order to modernize it as well as simplify it.


Website Designer @ Solan Informatics
Sep 2012 — Current

I have completed the websites for around 10 customers as a part of my job at Solan Informatics. These websites included the following: - Flash videos - HTML5 animations - JavaScript - PHP - Java - Python - CSS I was able to successfully complete everything that was entrusted to me and there were no cases where I was unable to complete my work within the required deadlines.